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To be one of the leaders in the construction field in south asia

Our Vision

To be one of the leaders in the construction field in South Asia

Our Mission

To be an innovative, successful Engineering and Construction Company with highest standard of excellence. We prosper in providing solutions to all engineering & construction needs such as building infrastructure, power, and industrial projects in south Asian region.

Star Group that was established in 1972 as an Engineering Firm to manufacture Workshop
Machinery for the local market.Today it has seven main Companies and foreign
collaborations under its wings.

At present at Star group we boast a work force of more than 2500 specialists in various
fields.Administration of management staff is done by the founder Director/ Chairman and
his two sons whowere instigators ofthese invaluableventures.

Head office and some of the major factories are situated in the district of “Gampaha” and
main trading offices is situated in Colombo with over 16 (Sixteen) branches
& show rooms across the island.We have improved our extent and have established
a factory in India for the production of granite flooring and with thatwe have started taking our business beyond
the boundaries of SriLanka

Our Products & Services

Architecture Design & Estimating
Commercial & Residential Construction Contracts
Property Development
Renovation & Improvement
Design & Build
Coastal Protection Works
Aluminum and Steel Fabrication
Civil Engineering
Asphalt Concrete & Metal Crushing
Hiring & Leasing of Construction related Machinery
Infrastructure Construction

Our Recent Projects

Our line of services can be diversified vertically as Engineering, Procurement, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation,
Piping, Mechanical, Irrigation and Landscaping.
We are the leading Granite manufacture in Sri Lanka with the average production of 100,000 sq ft per month
ranging from floor, wall to vanity tops among its production, having manufacturing plants in Bangalore India and
Sri Lanka.
We are specialized in timber flooring, caters to all timber requirements such as Doors, Windows Frames and sash
-es, Roofs, Flooring, Pantry’s, Vanity Cupboards, and all types of Furniture among its diversity.
Also we play a big role in the field of buildings and housing constructions for residential and commercial premises.
All these projects backed by our professional in
-house team expertise such as architectures, structural designers,
interior designers, electrical and mechanical solutions who takes care of all details ensuring highest quality stan
-dards for your investment. We are focus in Economical deigns suitable for any soil and environment conditions,
time, quality
& affordability.

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Our Expert Team

Innovation is the life blood of any business
. Star Construction
& Engineering has adopted this well to its growth by harnessing the
full potential of new technologies, Market demands, Capacity for innovation and focused research and development, thorough
understanding of operating environments of customers worldwide
. These qualities have made us one of the leading construction
companies in Sri Lanka
. The Company achieved its milestones earning customer confidence through the timely completion of proj-
ects whilst adhering to maintain high quality standards
. The company has undertaken and successfully completed Government,
Semi Government, Public and Private sector projects of
a very high profile mainly in Building Construction, Construction of Roads,
Bridges and WaterSupply

Juan George

CEO/ Vice President

Emma Kelly

CEO/ Vice President

Sean Black

CEO/ Vice President